How can I use FRiENDi PAY?
How do I download the App?
How do I register in the App?
Where can I get the app?

Step 1- Download:  Go to your phone's App Store or Play Store or App gallery (coming soon), search "Friendi Pay" and download the app
Step 2- Register: 
1. Enter phone number registered with Absher and click the “next” button
2.Get OTP (one time-password) & enter it
3. Enter 1) National/Iqama ID number, 2) Date of birth, 3) Set password, 4) Accept terms & conditions and click the “create account” button
4. Input additional KYC information:
Fill national address (use google maps) 
Employer name
Source of income and click the “submit” button
Your registration is complete and you are ready to use the Friendi Pay app